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Lit is a simple library for building fast, lightweight web components.

Simple. Fast. Web Components.

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Lit is a simple library for building fast, lightweight web components.

At Lit's core is a boilerplate-killing component base class that provides reactive state, scoped styles, and a declarative template system that's tiny, fast and expressive.


See the full documentation for Lit at

For information about upgrading lit-html 1.x and lit-element 2.x code, see the Lit 2.0 Upgrade Guide.


To install from npm:

npm i lit

Lit Monorepo

This is the monorepo for upcoming Lit packages, including lit, lit-html 2.0 and lit-element 3.0.

lit-html 1.x source is available on the lit-html-1.x branch.


  • Core packages
    • lit - The primary user-facing package of Lit which includes everything from lit-html and lit-element.
    • lit-element - The web component base class used in Lit.
    • lit-html - The rendering library used by LitElement.
    • @lit/reactive-element - A low level base class that provides a reactive lifecycle based on attribute/property changes.
  • Additional libraries
    • @lit/localize - A library and command-line tool for localizing web applications built using Lit.
    • @lit/localize-tools - Localization tooling for use with @lit/localize.
    • @lit/react - A React component wrapper for web components.
    • @lit/task - A controller for Lit that renders asynchronous tasks.
    • @lit/context - A system for passing data through a tree of elements using browser events, avoiding the need to pass properties down every layer of the tree using a community defined protocol.
  • Labs
  • Starter kits (not published to npm)
  • Internal packages (not published to npm)
    • tests - Test infrastructure for the monorepo.
    • benchmarks - Benchmarks for testing various libraries in the monorepo.
    • @lit-internal/scripts - Utility scripts used within the monorepo.

Contributing to Lit

Lit is open source and we appreciate issue reports and pull requests. See for more information.

Setting up the lit monorepo for development

Initialize repo:

git clone
cd lit
npm ci

Build all packages:

npm run build

Test all packages:

npm run test

Run benchmarks for all packages:

npm run benchmarks

See individual package READMEs for details on developing for a specific package.

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